Where in the World is Reuben Sylvester Dalrymple ?


My Great Great Grandfather,  Reuben Sylvester Dalrymple has gone missing.  He was last seen in Trail North Dakota in 1912. IReuben Sylvester Dalrymple was born in Montcalm County, Michigan in 1870. He married Nellie Mildred Lawrence in Sibley, Osceola, Iowa in 1893. They are in the Reynolds, Traill, North Dakota census in 1910. About 1912 my great great grandmother took the kids to Seattle, Washington. She didn't divorce Reuben. About 1916, she received a telegram that said he'd died. Rumors are that he used different names (perhaps Harry) and that he had other wives. Can anyone help me find out when and where he died, and anything else about him. Please email me with any information you might have.

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